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Post 015: 5 Simple, Delicious Camping Meals

5 Simple, Delicious Camping Meals

Have you ever noticed that food tastes better outside? There’s something about the simplicity of nature that allows us to enjoy our meals more fully than we can when trapped indoors. And that’s great news, because when you’re camping, cooking can be a bit different and creativity is a must! But don’t worry, we came up with a list of 5 simple and delicious meals to make your next trip the most savory ever. These can be made on the stove in your RV, on an outside grill, or over the fire!

Pesto Pasta with Veggies

This meal is easily made ahead of time and packed into large gallon baggies, or it can be made over the stove in your RV or on your outdoor grill. Boil water and add fettuccine until tender. Then, drain and combine fettuccine with sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, basil, and pesto for a colorful and healthy meal. Throw in grilled chicken or parmesan for extra flavors!

Breakfast Tacos

Great for any time of the day, breakfast tacos are a classic camping meal. The basic taco calls for eggs, bacon, and cheese, but you can get as fancy as you like and even make a few different options to please everyone at the table. For easy transport, store raw eggs in a plastic bottle with a lid. When your campers get hungry, shake the bottle and pour the eggs into the skillet. Heat up tortillas in a separate pan, then fry the bacon and any other goodies you want. Don’t forget the avocados and salsa!

Grilled Croissant Sandwiches

There are different ways to make these savory sandwiches,  but the key is roasting them over the fire in aluminum foil to capture the individual flavors for a taste that’s irresistible. Slice squash, bell peppers, onions, and any other vegetables you want, and place them inside the croissant. Add cheese of your choice (we love smoked mozzarella and feta!) and protein such as grilled chicken or salami. Wrap in foil and place over the fire until the vegetables are tender and the cheese is melted. Omit the meat for a tasty vegetarian favorite!

Classic Frito Pie

Is there anything more American than Frito Pie? A camping staple that brings back memories and tastes like childhood, Frito pie is an instant hit with everyone who tries it. And, it wins the award for easiest camping meal! For the simplest option, open a can of your favorite chili, dump it into a bag of Fritos, and top it with cheese and jalapenos. For an upgrade, make your own chili ahead of time and pack it in your fridge or icebox. Extra chili can be used the next day for chilidogs

Grilled Fish and Vegetables

The best time to cook fish is the same day you bring it back from the lake. With this simple recipe, you’ll have your dinner ready in no time. Depending on your preference and the size of your fish, you may choose to fillet it ahead of time. Place the fish in a foil packet with potatoes, corn, and any other vegetables you like. Spread butter or oil over the fish, squeeze lemon over the top, and sprinkle salt and pepper. Then, place your packet over the fire and cook until fish flakes easily and vegetables are tender

Have any must-know recipes you want to share with our team? Tell us in the comments and we’ll try them on our next camping trip!

*Note – images courtesy of Canva

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