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One of the latest vacation trends is couples, or families renting out an RV to take a special trip, and have a unique experience. You get all the perks of RV life without any of the maintenance or worries that may come with RV ownership! While it’s a win-win for renters, what about the people who own these RVs? And is it really worth it to them to rent out their RV when it’s sitting idle / not being used?

We looked at these questions and dove into the pros and cons of RV rental, then gathered our top takeaways, here!

 Hint: It can be a great idea for the right people, but it’s not for everyone.

On one hand…

You can make passive income

Renting out your RV can be a great financial decision. Sites like Outdoorsy and RVshare make it easier than ever to put your RV to good use. Many people who commit to renting out their RV once or twice a month easily cover the cost of their payments and insurance. Some people even make enough to help pay for gas on their next trip and to save for future repairs and maintenance. This is a great way to cover the cost of a brand new RV for people who otherwise would not be able to afford one. It’s also a great option for anyone trying to save money.

You know your RV is getting attention and care

Most people who aren’t full-time RVers have specific times of the year when they use their RVs most-frequently. What about all the other months your RV is sitting unused? Allowing people to rent out your RV ensures that it’s going to good use, and this regular use can actually help your RV’s systems and appliances continue functioning properly! When your water lines and tanks are getting used regularly, you will avoid having stagnant water and holding tank issues. When the RV is plugged in, or being charged by the tow vehicle, you will have to worry about the battery sitting without a charge. Additionally, if any problems arise, you will be able to hear about them from the renter, and deal with them before they become bigger issues, and before you take the RV out for your own camping enjoyment. 

You get to share a love of RVing and meet new people

One of the best parts about living the RV lifestyle is joining a community of like-minded people who are passionate about the great outdoors. It only stands to reason that some of those people live in your own town and are considering getting an RV of their own! Your decision to rent out your RV can grow your community and can also be the factor that helps a family decide to take the plunge and get their own RV. How cool is that?!

On the other hand…

It’s not totally passive

Once the renter takes your RV, they’re on their own, mostly. But you can expect to take a good hour or two to meet with the renter and go over all the ins and outs of using and taking care of your RV. Assuming you are not setting up the RV in the campsite for them (which is also an option), you’ll have to show them how to back up, connect the sewage hose, connect electricity, and any other camping set-up processes you might have. Plus, you might get a phone call or two while the vacationers are on the road if anything comes up that they can’t figure out without your help.

It contributes to extra miles and use

While some people like knowing their RV is seeing attention and getting used, others might worry about the extra miles, extra hours on your generator, and any damage that might be caused by renters. Fortunately, most rental companies require users to have comprehensive insurance that covers several types of damage; and as the owner, you get to choose who rents your RV and where they take it.

You have to be comfortable with sharing your space

If you’re protective about your space, renting out your RV might not be for you. If you’re committed to covering the cost of your RV, there are ways to work around this, but it requires extra attention and rules for renters. 

Here are a few more reasons people love renting out their RVs!

  • Saves storage space (and money) 
  • You become part of a new community of RV owners
  • Ensures your investment is going to good use
  • Brings joy to people who don’t have their own RV!

If you decide to rent out your RV, keep these tips in mind:

  • You’ll need to plan ahead and know when you want to take trips, and when your RV can be open for rental. You don’t want to lose out on a vacation because you didn’t plan accordingly. You can set up a schedule pretty easily using Google Calendar, or the tools provided by the RV Rental site. 
  • Make sure you set aside an hour or two to meet with each renter to go over the care of your RV and to answer any questions they may have.
  • Stock your RV with rapid dissolving toilet paper, chemical, and make sure the renters understand the importance of plumbing maintenance
  • Leave a friendly manual with tips, tricks, and frequently asked questions so your renters can try to troubleshoot on their own before calling.

Now you’ve seen the pros and cons of renting out your RV! At Johnnie Walker RV, we think it can be a great option for those looking to generate some ROI on their RV investment, and that it could be a great idea for the right kind of RV owner. It’s awesome that technology and out-of-the-box thinking has provided the ability to use rental platforms like Outdoorsy and RVShare. For the most part, we have heard that both services make it an easy rental process, with steps taken so both the owner and the renter are protected from liability. So, what are your thoughts — would you rent out your RV?

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