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Post 022: Travel and Work: The Top US Cities for Digital Nomads

Nowadays, it’s not only possible but popular to live free and earn a living simultaneously. To add to this, if you’re a remote worker on the move and looking for the next best spot to plug in, you’re in luck – here are the country’s current top cities for the RVing digital nomads.

Knoxville, TN

Cheaper than Nashville, young at heart but safe from bachelorette parties, Knoxville may be the country’s best-kept Southeastern secret. Residents of the city enjoy a cost of living 15% lower than the national average, with access to a diverse economy with proclivities towards manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and tech. 

In a city of 190k+ residents, 94 schools, and 8 colleges, you can expect to encounter a healthy student population and a vibrant nightlife (with Downtown and West neighborhoods housing over 60 bars, 250 restaurants, and two dozen breweries). Alternatively, if you prefer the outdoors, look no further than the Smoky Mountains – one of the most visited national parks in the country, only 34 miles from the city limits (and you’re unlikely to experience any traffic on the way). A plus when you’re traveling in a home-on-wheels!

Gainesville, FL

Tucked away in north-central Florida, sunny year-round, and boasting an abundance of economic and educational opportunities, Gainesville is a nomadic haven that belongs on every east coast shortlist. Much of the excitement around this city is centered on the highly-esteemed University of Florida, which fuels a vibrant arts and music culture. Accommodations can be competitive, so be sure to research well in advance.

Of course, being an RV Enthusiast, we can’t leave out some of the highly reviewed hiking destinations. Sweetwater Preserves is free to experience and offers multiple hiking routes. Some routes are bicycle friendly; just be sure to pack your bug repellent for those pesky mosquitoes. If you are looking for a short nature walk, consider Loblolly Woods Nature Park, a preferred choice when bringing your kids or pets.

Fort Collins, CO

If you like bike trails, foothills, brew tours, and 19th-century history, you could do a lot worse than Fort Collins, CO. Residents of ‘Choice City’ enjoy a lower cost of living than neighboring Denver whilst still enjoying the rich natural beauty, remarkable public transport, and thriving job market. If you’re looking for less hustle and bustle, keep an eye on the movements of the student population – late spring and early summer are often best when students are on break.

Austin, TX

Liberal tech center and ‘live music world capital,’ Austin, is sometimes referred to as the blue dot in a red sea and truly stands out as Texas’s weirdest, most welcome oasis. RVers can expect a friendly and accommodating community pushing over a million (30% of which are millennials), 228 days of sunshine a year, and some of the most delectable, diverse food you can stick a fork into (usually sold from food trucks and barbecue grills).

Business-wise, one of the top perks of residency in Austin is the lack of state income tax – meaning higher take-home pay and increased appeal for high-end employers. Just recently, Google and Tesla moved offices here, and job growth is consequently predicted to grow by over 47% in the next decade. If any of those jobs offer remote-working positions, Austin could be your place RV homebase.

Who says work and travel can’t gel? With the right locale (and receptive locals), there’s no reason you can’t see the country and earn a viable living in the meantime – just be certain to plan meticulously and check for WiFi in advance!

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