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Post 023: How To Have Fun With Friends During Your RV Camping Trip

An RV camping trip is a fantastic way to disconnect from the day-to-day grind, and when done with friends and family, it’s an even better way to reconnect with those important people in your life. While there are many activities that can keep you occupied while enjoying the great outdoors, we have a few ideas that can help you create some magic moments that will turn into lifelong memories.

Cornhole Competition

Ah yes, there’s nothing like a classic game of cornhole – you know, the game where you take a small bean bag and compete against friends to see who can land it into the hole on the wooden board. We know people who have spent countless hours mastering the perfect throw as if they were looking to get signed by a professional cornhole team (yes, they exist). However, one of the best things about cornhole is that just about anybody can play it without too much of a learning curve. There’s nothing like a campfire and a little friendly competition, playful banter, boasting and bonding, as you battle it out for bragging rights. Whether you purchase a game set to take with you or create one from scratch, cornhole is a game that will bring hours of fun to your RV camping experience.

Scavenger Hunt

As a group, come up with a list of things to seek out for a scavenger hunt. Ideas can be a specific type of flower, a bird, a certain species of insect or specific shaped rock. Once you have your list, split up into teams and let the fun begin. Scavenger hunts are a great form of team building as you work together with your friends to find all the items on your list. It’s a fun way to explore your surroundings, while engaging with friends and family. Once a team has found all the items on the list, it often leads to hilarious discussions about if what they found is actually what was on the list. No matter what’s on your list, a good ol’ scavenger hunt is near the top of ours for fun things to do on an RV camping trip.

Off-Roading Adventure

On the road, an RV is probably the one of the most fun vehicles, especially for passengers who are able to enjoy it’s features while in motion. Many RVers also enjoy off-roading, either it be whether it be loading up toys in a toy hauler, or towing them behind in/on a utility trailer. The toys can include ATVs, dirt bikes, a RZR, or whatever your off-road vehicle of choice may be. Off-roading with friends is a great way to explore your surroundings while creating lasting memories. A regular place a few of us take our side-by-sides/UTVs out to ride is Zion in Utah. As you tackle new terrains, there’s a huge sense of freedom. What’s more, after a long day of exploring, we all come back to the toy hauler and unwind next to the campfire; sharing stories and creating new memories. Try for yourself! On your next RV camping trip with your friends, get a little adventurous, and create your own off-roading experience you’ll never forget!

Bird Watching

Bird watching? Yes, bird watching. Have you ever spent hours binge watching animal documentaries? Well, bird watching is like creating your own animal documentary. All you and your friends need is a pair of binoculars and a notepad and let the fun begin! Apart from being highly therapeutic, bird watching is also a great opportunity to learn something new as you discover different species of birds and start to get a better understanding of the unique role that they play in nature. One could spend a whole day bird watching, but with friends, bird watching is a whole other experience. In between swapping the binoculars back and forth, you can swap stories and use this time to strengthen your friendship. Also, you can take turns doing your best Morgan Freeman narration/impersonation as you observe the beautiful birds.

Disconnect and Reconnect

There are countless ways to enjoy spending your time while on an RV camping trip with friends and family, and hopefully taking advantage of a few of ideas that we just mentioned above will lead to even more memorable moments.

In the great outdoors your cell phone connection might be bad, but the connection with your friends and family can be the best ever!

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