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Post 024: Make The Most of Your School Breaks With These Safe Family Trip Ideas

Make the Most of Your School Breaks with These Safe Family Trip Ideas

Life has been a bit unpredictable the last few years, which has really affected children. But as routines have re-emerged and kids are, once again, looking forward to this year’s school breaks, it’s important to find ways to make them special. Rather than just sleeping in, eating loads of snacks, and playing hours upon hours of video games, your kids should have the opportunity to experience something new. The good news is that there are plenty of practical ways to make that happen! Check out these budget-friendly trips ideas from Johnnie Walker RV that will keep the whole family engaged.

Set Out to the Wilderness

One of the best ways to get your kids time in nature is to take them straight to the source. Plan a weekend to go camping or hiking. Chances are there are nearby RV parks or camping sites that provide safe and fun places to stay the night and explore the wonders of nature. Plus, hiking is an excellent form of exercise for the whole family.

Moreover, check for any equestrian trails in your area. Horse riding can be a very fun and calming way to spend time outside, and it’s likely an activity that many kids are unfamiliar with!

Take a STEM Trip

If your kiddos are aspiring scientists or engineers, they might love the opportunity to enjoy STEM-focused activities for your family getaway. The Travel Student Planning Guide notes exciting options from the Burke Museum in Seattle, Washington all the way to the Museum of Science and Industry and the Shedd Aquarium and Field Museum in Chicago, and there are plenty of others in between. So, no matter where you are and where you’re going, you can find an exciting STEM opportunity along the way.

Longer breaks can be great opportunities for extended family road trips. And what better way to road trip than in an RV? If you have plans to travel throughout the year, consider investing in an RV. You’ll be able to travel at your own pace, see the sights, and you won’t have to worry about hotel rooms or where to eat.

Head to the Shores

Even if you must drive several hours, taking a road trip to the beach can be exciting. Could you imagine anything more simplistic and calming? The breezy ocean air against your face… The sound of waves crashing against the beach and brushing past your toes… All while you feel the sun warming your face…

If you’re on the east coast, some of the best beaches include Bethany Beach in Delaware, Cape May in New Jersey, and Ocean City in Maryland. The west coast also boasts some great beaches, and it’s only 4-5 hours drive from the Vegas Valley.

Going to the beach can also be budget-friendly, especially when your RV has a stove, microwave, and refer. When traveling in your home-on-wheels, it’s not only cheaper than booking hotel stays, but you can save money by buying your own groceries and cooking meals versus eating out.

Think about all of the activities you can do at the beach as well. You can play football, throw a frisbee, or kick a soccer ball on the shores. You can rent a jet ski for an hour or two of nonstop fun. Or you can go fishing off the pier or take your family on a bike ride. There are many reasons the beach is a go-to destination for families.

Plan to Unplug

If your planned getaway is the first time that your family has been able to take a trip in a while, it can be a bit of a momentous occasion. To that end, it’s critical that parents are able to fully extract themselves from work. Remember, working and vacation time are polar opposites, and the only way to truly enjoy your family time is to be present and in the moment – not swept up in work emails and calls. So, make a point to alert your supervisor or colleagues, set up a plan for having your tasks accomplished while you’re away, or at least tabled, and let your clients or customers know you’ll be in touch as soon as you get back.

Take Full Advantage of Family-Focused Opportunities

Give your kids – and your whole family, for that matter – something to look forward to by planning a trip for the next school break. Spend some time in the wilderness, go to the beach, take a STEM trip, or explore local attractions. Whatever you do, be sure to plan ahead of time so that you can get the most out of your time together while also saving money!

Taking a family trip can be an excellent way to grow closer with your family and loved ones. Simultaneously, you are also prioritizing your comfort by taking an RV with you. Johnnie Walker RV believes that Families Who Play Together Stay Together. They support bringing the joys of family moments and coupling it with the serenity of being out in nature. Whether it be a simple road trip with your loved ones or a camping adventure in the woods, make your vacation extra special by doing it in an RV!

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