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Post 017: Top 10 Resources For RV Fire Safety

At Johnnie Walker RV, we know there’s nothing like hitting the open road in your RV! Having the thrill of an adventure mixed with a few comforts of home can make for a perfect camping experience. If you want to keep your RV excursions all fun and no stress, knowing how to prevent and deal with fires is key. That is why having these top RV fire prevention and safety resources is essential. 

Fire Prevention Resources

The best way to protect yourself and your RV from fires is to prevent them in the first place. So, keep these tips and resources in mind during your adventures.

  •   Most RV fires start in and around the kitchen, engine, or wheel area, but there are some basic precautions you can take to keep fires from ruining your excursion.
  •     As the experts at RV Travel explain, you can start by properly maintaining your RV at all times and conducting a thorough safety check before you take it out on the road.
  •     Keeping your RV clean and decluttered is crucial for having a healthy space for your travels, but it also ensures that flammable items are kept tucked away.
  •     Make sure you know what to do when you smell gas in your RV, which could be an indication that there is a propane leak in your vehicle.
  •     Also, know that preventing wildfires by properly extinguishing campfires can also help protect your family and RV from fire hazards.
  •     Following other campfire safety tips can also be crucial for preventing accidental fires.

Fire Safety Resources 

Preventing fires is always your best bet for keeping your family and property safe, but fires can still occur on the road or when camping. Which is why you need these essential safety tips.

  •     Understanding the five types of fire, all of which can be common when camping or operating a vehicle, is vital for knowing how to properly extinguish them.
  •     Then, you can determine which types of fire extinguishers you should keep in your RV.
  •     If budget is a concern, you can use coupons from savings sites like Rakuten to save money when shopping for fire extinguishers.
  •     You should also know how to treat burns, in addition to how to extinguish fires.
  •     Finally, know how to report wildfires if you spot one on the road or at your campsite.

 Camping and exploring in your RV should be fun but fires are no joke! Know what it takes to prevent fires in and around your RV, but also know how to react if a fire occurs anyhow. Because while an ounce of prevention is critical, first aid and safety can also be important.

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