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Barter Kings

Johnnie Walker RV meets The Barter Kings

Johnnie Walker RV was featured on A&E hit show “Barter Kings”! (Season 3 Ep: 8 Trading or Bust)

LAS VEGAS, NV Johnnie Walker RVs, Nevadas largest dealer of new and used RVs, made its return to reality television by appearing on the October 1, 2013 episode of A&Es Barter Kings. The show follows Antonio Palazzola and Steve McHugh, owners and business partners in a successful trading post, as they trade up from low value items to items worth thousands.

Johnnie Walker RVs appeared in an episode titled, Trading or Bust, where Palazzola and McHugh attempt to make a deal with Johnnie Walker RVs Sales Representative Shawna Fitch. This is Johnnie Walker RVs second feature appearance on a reality television show this year, after appearing on Discoverys Animal Planets Tanked in May. Johnnie Walker RVs, a Las Vegas-based, family-owned company, decided to appear on the show as an ongoing celebration of their 50th Anniversary.

The Trading or Bust episode, featuring Johnnie Walker RVs, debuted on Tuesday, October 1, 2013,and will repeat throughout the month of October. The episode follows the attempt of the Barter Kings team to trade a limo for an RV from Johnnie Walker RVs.

All of us here at Johnnie Walker RVs are really excited for the opportunity to be featured on Barter Kings, said Michael Walker, Marketing Director of Johnnie Walker RVs, It is pretty awesome to see our brand showcased on a national level. Having days with film crews and cameras roaming around our lot definitely keep things interesting around here!

For more information regarding A&Es Barter Kings, or to watch a brief video clip of the episode featuring Johnnie Walker RVs, please visit

Trading or Bust will be re-run all of 2014, and is also available on Amazon Prime, and other online video sites.

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